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Toronto FanExpo 2014, Supernatural S10

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secret letters (by whimsical jane)

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Purgatory!Dean is the stuff of nightmares ≧◔◡◔≦

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For a second I thought this was the new supernatural season ten opener

I think anyone who watches Supernatural all thought the same thing

Itd be a good one though.

someone make it say destiel cause every rose has it’s thorns hnng

Didn’t know what this would beBut I knew I didn’t seeWhat you thoughtYou saw in meI jumped the gunSo sure you’d split and runReady for the worstBefore the damage was doneThe storm never cameOr it never wasDidn’t know getting lost in the blueIt meant I wound up losing youWelcome to the inner workings of my mindSo dark and foul I can’t disguiseCan’t disguiseNights like thisI become afraidOf the darkness in my heartHurricaneWhat’s wrong with meWhy not understand and seeI never sawWhat you saw in meKeep my eyes openMy lips sealedMy heart closedAnd my ears peeledWelcome to the inner workings of my mindSo dark and foul I can’t disguiseCan’t disguiseNights like this I become afraidOf the darkness in my heartHurricaneMake ash and leave the dust behindLady diamond in the skyWild lightGlowing brightTo guide meWhen I fallI fall on tragedyWelcome to the inner workings of my mindSo dark and foul I can’t disguiseCan’t disguiseNights like this I become afraidOf the darkness in my heartHurricane- Hurricane- Ms Mr (who are amazing live, btw) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Just a little doodle. Sleep schedule is out of wack. Artwork & Nicole©Niki.S

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I am super excited to see Jensen get to stretch his acting muscles, though. He’s going to do an incredible job :)

Me too! And it makes me even more excited knowing that he’s excited about it. I’m sure we’ll get some great performances out of him this Season. He’s been wanting a big change like this on his character for a while now ^_^

Frida Kahlo

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"Oh, no, he embraces it very quickly. There’s no inner struggle. Because he’s not just a demon, he’s a demon with the Mark of Cain, which makes him like über demon. So there’s so much evil inside him, there’s so much devil inside him, that the practical Dean is smothered."

It makes me sad though…and conflicted. I know I’ll quickly miss the old Dean, especially when Sam comes in the picture trying to save him from himself.


"Oh, it’s like an ultra version of a womanizing party animal. He’s out partying in Vegas with the King of Hell, he’s got backstage passes and he doesn’t give a sh-t about anything. That’s essentially what we’re going to see."

Guys I’m so excited about Demon!Dean, he’s going to be even more sexier than Dean Dean, I just can’t :’D


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